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15th September 2009


Samira Nygård Mirzaei









Dear Samira,


Congratulations! After careful consideration of your application to be a volunteer with our organization, we are glad to confirm that you have been selected for our Watoto Wa Baraka program.

We believe that you have the necessary qualities that we have been looking for, amid many applicants who have applied for this position

As a fairly small organization, we take pride in developing a personal relationship with our volunteers and we hope that this will last for many years after the program itself.  Many of our volunteers remain in regular contact with the organization after their placement, with some making return visits.

The volunteer contribution is used to cover the costs of their stay at the orphanage including housing, food and water as well providing for projects such as development projects and youth programs. In addition to this cost, volunteers are responsible for their travel, insurance, inoculations and personal expenses.

As a volunteer, you will be staying at our volunteers housing in a typical Kenyan village of Makuyu, approximately 70 kilometers north of Nairobi, where the neediest orphans are housed.  You will be actively involved in all areas of our daily routine and truly experience traditional Kenyan village life as well as assist in other community projects.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, alternatively if you would like to contact past volunteers to hear about their experiences and ask questions about placements, WWB have had volunteers from many parts of the world, and we will endeavor to put you in contact with someone from your home country. Also, this link may be helpful to you

Congratulations on being selected for Watoto Wa Baraka and I hope your experience abroad will be a happy and rewarding one.

Welcome to the team!

Yours sincerely


Geoffrey Ndungu

WWB Director
Phone: +254-724-935324

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    Postat av: Daniel

    ojoj säkert nåt underjordiskt land nånstans

    Wow, grattar!

    2009-09-17 @ 14:22:59
    Postat av: Andreas

    Så sjukt roligt! :D

    2009-09-17 @ 14:25:23
    Postat av: sandra

    GRATTIS!!! faaaaaaaen vad kul :D:D:D:D:D

    sv: jaaeee he sög... poo vill träna mer med dig

    2009-09-17 @ 22:17:38
    Postat av: Becca

    När åker du?? :D

    2009-09-21 @ 11:48:26
    Postat av: G.

    Nej, jag känner ingen Caroline Jonsson :) Och Bryssel ligger för övrigt i Belgien :) Hahah ja jag hoppas att jag inte är den enda, vore lite pinsamt!

    2009-09-22 @ 14:49:30

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